New Perspectives

Dane Saunders

Welcome to my jungle of color, where old ways go to die and the present flow is ever changing. In each painting or photograph I must practice letting go and releasing any attachment to the temporary beauty that splashes about my eyes. I’m here to experiment with, and embrace the journey, by letting the result be as it may. My focus now is on how I feel in those moments, while the canvas is being prepared, the paint mixed, the playlist, the anticipation, and the flow of color and light.

At a very young age I started drawing, and drifted through art classes, all the way through university, where I studied design and art history. All those things are part of my past, and my path, but they do not define me. What I do in this very moment is the definition of my life. Here’s a peak into fragments of my wondrous path, on this magnificent journey with color and light!